Tracy Burns
Tracy BurnsPrincipal

Personal Message
I am passionate about creating thriving Catholic communities and believe that we grow in Christ together through establishing strong links between parents, school and parish. 

St Francis de Sales valued the individuality of all people and often stated to ‘not be anything but what you are and try to be that perfectly.’ I believe that every student can learn and achieve their potential and I work with both staff and parents to ensure that our educational provisions are responsive to the differing needs of our students. I promote the creation of a community where every child is known by their name and individual growth is carefully assessed, monitored and tracked. 

Professional Experience
I have been in Catholic Education for 27 years and during this time I have held a number of school and system leadership positions including Assistant Principal and Co-ordinator roles. In these roles I have facilitated school wide improvement and worked collaboratively with teachers and academics to create innovative programs that assist students in achieving learning growth and high academic standards. 

In my leadership roles a major focus has been on developing procedures, processes and practice to enhance the curriculum especially in the key areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Special Education, Gifted Education and English. 

Qualifications Include

  • Master of Education with Distinction – Gifted Education – University of New England
  • Golden Key International Honour Society ​- Membership Certificate for outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence – University of New England
  • Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies with Distinction – Australian Catholic University
  • Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education with High Distinction – University of New South Wales
  • Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to school aged speakers of other languages) – Australian Catholic University
  • Mathematics Expertise and Excellence Lead Teacher Accreditation – Sydney Catholic Schools