Ms Tracy Burns
Ms Tracy BurnsPrincipal
I am passionate about creating thriving Catholic communities and believe that we grow in Christ together through establishing strong links between parents, school and parish.Read more
Miss Lucy Walsh
Miss Lucy WalshAssistant Principal
With a focus on Catholic values, I continuously aspire to nurture individual student growth and achievement.Read more
Ms Rosemary Plowman
Ms Rosemary PlowmanReligious Education Coordinator
I joined the St Francis de Sales School Community in 2017 as the Religious Education Coordinator. Read more
Mrs Donna Conyers
Mrs Donna ConyersInstructional Specialist
As a leader of teaching and learning I am passionate about creating powerful learning experiences that inspire students to reach their full potential. Read more
Role Name
Diverse Learning / NEWMAN Coordinator Mrs Georgina Williams
Mathematics Coordinator Mrs Christine Martin
Specialist Teacher Mrs Jennifer Robins
Specialist Sport Teacher Mr Mark Lennon
Specialist Art Teacher Mrs Alison Bowmer
Specialist CAPA Teacher Mrs Amy Dissanayake
Family Educator Mrs Irene Bernard
Learning Support Officer Mrs Sandra Costa
Administration Mrs Robyn Mabon
Administration Mrs Kelly White
Classroom Teachers
Mrs Erin Preen
Mrs Natalie Demetriou
Mrs Natalie Greenberg
Mrs Bernadette Hardwick
Miss Kimberley Muller
Mrs Donna Conyers
Mrs Lisa Tanti
Mrs Rebecca Pedersen
Mr Gregory Thomas