The 2019 St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School Woolooware Annual Science Fair had a special buzz in the air. The event kicked off with an engaging “Science Fizzics” incursion for the whole school that hooked students and parents alike and set the scene for the day.

The annual Science Fair at St Francis de Sales provides a platform for every young scientist in K-6 to share their expertise, “wow” with their scientific knowledge and impress with their investigations.

The classrooms opened up to parents, friends, neighbouring schools, feeder high schools and the community to be immersed in the scientific field as each student showcased their work. It was a maze of child-centred scientific investigations, interactive presentations, working models and experiments, with digital technologies used in many of the displays.

“ I look forward to our Science Fair every year. I learn a lot from others and it really makes me curious” – Patrick

Each class takes a particular aspect of the new Science Syllabus to showcase, display and demonstrate. Classes use the inquiry model in their demonstrations, thinking processes and investigations.

“The students are encouraged to ask ’why’ questions to challenge their critical and creative thinking as they communicate their processes. The whole community celebrates this day with enthusiasm as we enjoy seeing tomorrow’s scientists at work!” – Lisa Tanti

The St. Francis de Sales Annual Science Fair is an opportunity for all students to experience the sense of wonder using their scientific investigations and authentic inquiry process to display and share their work. It enables students to  wonder, think, create and learn in a thriving environment.